connectors solutions for military applications

  • ODU AMC® High-Density
  • ODU AMC® Push-Pull
  • ODU AMC® Break-Away
  • ODU AMC® Easy-Clean

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Smaller – Lighter – Faster
ODU AMC® Military connectors

The ODU AMC connector solutions are ideal for future soldier communication systems (C4I) that require significant weight and space reduction for: field radios, portable computers, night vision, digital scopes, GPS antennas, soldier control units, UAVs, airborne vehicles and navigation modules.
ODU provides also turn-key solutions that include complete advanced cable assembly and overmolding.

The Advantages at a Glance

Rugged and easy to handle
> 5.000 mating cycles
Colour-coded keying identification
Watertight protection IP 68 and IP 69
System solution
Protective caps available
Highspeed data connections

ODU Advanced Services

  • Rapid Prototyping and product development
  • Competitive Lead time
  • One-to-one Engineering Support
  • System Solution: Cable assembly and overmolding
  • Custom Connector Capabilities
  • Factory Direct
  • German engineered for over 70 years

ODU AMC® High-Density

ODU AMC High-Density includes a series of robust miniature connector solutions. The compact and lightweight connectors offer high performance transmission, easy handling and high reliability.

Easy-Clean Capability

No matter how harsh the environment, whether exposed to snow, mud or dust, the Easy-Clean capability of these connector solutions enables high performance and high usability. The unique spring loaded pin system and the design of the connector respond to all the stringent requirements of the most challenging environments.

Swipe to clean
Swipe to clean

ODU AMC® Applicability

The ODU AMC product series are used for mission critical equipment worldwide in a very wide range of applications such as: navigation modules, soldier control units, rugged computers, group voice/data units, UAVs, airborne vehicles, GPS antennas.

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Learn more about our military connector solutions and get exclusive information!

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